Rent conditions
  • The age of rentholder is from 18 years. In some causes the rentholder must show a document to prove a personality to rentkeeper.
  • You should make on order not earlier than 3 hours before the supply
  • The minimum rent term – 3 hours ( the supply term included)
  • Rounding time of payment is 30 minutes.
  • The price includes: service-charge, driver’s service, petrol
  • Rentholder pays for parking charge during the rent term.
  • Drive outside the city is charged differently.
  • Rent charge outside the city for more than one day includes “bed and breakfast” for a driver and car parking charge.
  • In case of faultiness the rentholder charges the car for another one of the same classes.
  • The customer has no right to demand accelerate an established speed and break the driving regulation.
  • Drinking alcohol and smoking in car without driver’s agreement is forbidden.
  • The rent keeper is financially responsible for crashed and muddy saloon. In this case he pays out all the damage to the driver.
Please, contact us by phone +38(044)469-65-81 or +38(050)544-35-30.

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